All of our candles are made by hand at The Bundubash Perfumery. 

You purchase a beautiful scent of Africa and then you have the chance to refill so that you reignite a memory, a moment, a place. There is less waste and you will always have a special piece of Africa. When you buy your initial candle, you can return it to us and we will refill for a candle scent of choice for less the price.

How the refill service works

  1. Purchase any candle here on our online shop. This can be any candle of choice.
  2. Email us on requesting your candle refill. We will send you the refill price list.
  3. Send your candle back to us using the address we provide. Please package it well, preferably in its original packaging as we are not able accept responsibility for damaged vessels.
  4. Once we receive it, we will send your chosen candle back to you.

This service can be repeated for life.

Please note: we will send your new candle once we have received your return and payment has been processed.